The Problem with the Glass Movie

febrero 16, 2019

... Spoiler alert: is its script.

Some more rambling to expand on that:

What a fascinating concept wasted on such a terrible script, really. 

Being the culmination of the trilogy that began with Unbreakable and  continued with Split, Shyamalan's Glass could have been great. Meta narrative of super heroes and real-life powers versus possible insanity and delusions of grandeur? AWESOME!

But then the story is shaky at best, the script is patronizing to the audience to NO END, and the pace is ridiculous

The good part, aside from the idea itself, is the great acting by the three protagonists (Sarah Paulson wasn't at her best, but maybe that's because her lines were so stunningly insipid). Also, the twists at the end aren't too bad.

All in all, a movie that swings between glorified B movie shenanigan and absolutely fascinating cult classic.

(Warning: ridiculously idiotic and undertrained asylum staff.) 

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