{Diary Entry #07} Researcher-ing

abril 30, 2019

This might make even less sense than usual 'cause I'm terribly exhausted, but I don't want to lose the habit.

I've been slowly going back to my routine, and its been brain-wracking. It feels as though there are a million things I need to get done and yet I have no idea how to prioritize any of them. Feels great though. A real "baby I'm back" sensation.

I have to revise my article.

I have to complete my thesis.

Those sound great, but I'm at that intermediate stage where it feels like there is an insurmountable load of work to get done.

It is also hard to hone the skill of knowing how to direct your research. With a digging metaphor, I'd like to always continue the excavation until I've reached the bottom, but that's obviously never possible. What am I to do, then? 

I want to do research, I want to learn everything I can for as long as I exist... but how to synthesize that knowledge and turn it into something that moves knowledge forward, even by a fraction, is something I'm not sure I have learned to do as of yet.

I will continue trying, though. 

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