{Diary Entry #05} Should I keep a diary?

abril 24, 2019

I know it sounds moronic given the title of this entry, but I've been wondering whether I should keep an actual diary. Not necessarily pen-and-paper (this enterprise has failed over and over)  but a diary-like input in this blog. Something that is spontaneous and intimate, truly. Like this entry. Even my "diary entries" have been somewhat curated, especially the ones that have pictures. I take care of my grammar, my prose, my lexis. What I mean by "keeping a diary" is taking 10 minutes every few days to write thoughts and daily occurrences without delaying them (as I often do), and unveiling thoughts meant for intimacy.

I know online isn't precisely intimate. BUT. Nobody actually read this, and also even if a few people did, I feel it would be good to unveil my thoughts/feelings in a less direct way. I'm too brick-walled in anyways.

So. Keeping a diary?

This was my first experiment in doing so.

I hope it works.

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