Two New Favorite Films!

abril 27, 2019

So far, this has been a good film year for me.

Although I haven't been watching a lot of them, I've seen several films that have stuck with me. So much so, that I have revisited them pretty soon afterwards, in one way or another.

Can you Ever Forgive Me? (2018) is a biopic starring Mellissa McCarthy, directed by Marielle Heller with a screenplay by Nicole Holofcener and Jeff Whitty (awesome name alert), that tells the story of Lee Israel, a biography writer who, in times of financial need, starts to forge letters of famous authors. It is funny, excellently done, and seriously underrated. 

Although a bit slow, this movie has true heart and pull, a great script, and characters you actually care about. The wit, the bookworm-isa atmosphere, the pre-gentrified view of New York City, and just the right amount of depressing reality--all are there for the viewer's enjoyment. It is a little gem that sadly didn't manage to attract enough attention in spite of its excellent cast (McCarthy might have actually deterred some from watching the film, which is an actual shame since she is amazing in it!) and its award nominations. I feel like this movie is rejected by both the artsy film crowd and the comedy/easy drama crowd, so it stands in a gray area of people like me, who loved it since the first time they saw the trailer.

But do not be fooled! This is an enjoyable movie with engaging human drama at its core: perfect as something slightly heavier than just light, something moving without being too overly-sentimental. And Grant and McCarthy are great in it! I have always known Melissa McCarthy has the potential to take on both better comedic roles an more nuanced performances-and this was her chance! She gives a realistic performance of an unlikeable woman who embarks in the adventure of her life. 

I know it will not be for everybody (my mom thought it very sad, although I personally felt it was very comforting and true to life), but if this premise sounds intriguing to you and you love 20th century literary dish, there is so much to love in this movie, please give it a chance! I cannot wait to buy the DVD and watch it over and over again. And I got the book by Lee Israel on which this movie was based, so I'm excited about that as well.

By the way, Lee Israel has a biography of a fascinating journalist that is sadly out of print, but that means another challenge for my second-hand bookstore hunt. But I'm going off-track.

Seriously, don't knock this beauty until you've tried it! Can you ever forgive me is a treat all the way.

A very different movie, Alex Strangelove(2018) written and directed by Craig Johnson starring Daniel Doheny, ticks all my teenage film needs: charismatic characters (both main and secondary), humor for ages, a coming-out story, and not an ounce of unnecessary drama. In this modern age of youtube and pansexuality, class president Alex Truelove struggles to figure out his feelings for his girlfriend and best friend as well as for this new stranger who has just entered his life. 

There is not much more to it than that, but it does follow a good trend of making teen movies that feature actual teens (or the closest practical choice) and problems that, while realistically blown out of proportion by the protagonists, aren't made more toxic than necessary but reflect what most teenager's lives are like: dramatic while one lives it, fixable with communication and understanding. 

A perfect afternoon flick that may accompany you for many an afternoon indeed. 

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